Do you hate shoveling snow? Let us install a heated driveway and never worry about shoveling snow again.


We can install individual heaters in every bedroom of the house so you can sleep comfortably at your preferred temperature.


Electrical and wiring done properly by some of the highest trained professionals in the business. We have over 30 years of service in the Ottawa area and are meticulous with our work so that you can sleep well at night knowing your house is safe and professionally wired to the highest industry and safety standards.

Energy Efficient

We offer a wide variety of energy efficient solutions. Whether you are looking to save money every month on your electricity bill or you care about the environment we can help. Ask us about green options when installing lighting in your home. We can even help you with home lighting automation so you don't have to worry if you left all of the lights on while you are out.


Keep your loved ones safe by installing an alarm or intercom service in your house. By allowing us to install a state of the art security system to increase household protection and peace of mind. Go on vacation without hiring a house sitter because we can provide you with a sense of safety.

Phone, cable and data

Whether you are moving to a new house or installing a second line give us a call to get you connected as quickly as possible. We thrive on customer service and understand the daily needs of remaining connected to people and clients.

Wolverine electric is an Ottawa based professional electrical company, excelling at superior service and professional work.

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